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Monday, April 10, 2006

Let's Help Hugh So He Will Help Us

For those of you who read here often I'd like to introduce you to Hugh Macleod. He's a publisher of cartoons (Disclaimer: some are adult oriented; you are warned.), helps his friend Thomas Mahon, one of the top six tailors in the world according to Hugh, run a Savile Row tailoring firm called English Cut , a marketing theorist, author of the Hughtrain ebook and for the rest of his day job he's a marketing/blogging consultant. Oh, and he's into Yachts at the moment.

His current day job as marketing blogger has him working on promoting a South African vineyard called Stormhoek. He posted recently about an old client needing Hugh's help with a project and instead of the typical payment Hugh posed the question, "How are you going to help me sell more wine?" He further prompted future clients to take note.

I've taken note and decided to try to attract some attention to his product in the hopes of Hugh attracting some attention to our service. I can't do this on my own, however and I'm asking all of you for help. All of you have contacts (some more than others) so promote Stormhoek and comment back on how and what you've done. Being from wine country (OK Western Michigan isn't Napa Valley but we do have some fine wines) we know about wines and how to drink them. So lets see what you people can do. And while your at it, have some people start looking at the World Series of Video Gaming web site and signing up for tournaments too.

PS. A new, more permanent World Series web site is being developed as you read this so don't let the temporary site fool you. We'll be in full swing very soon.


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