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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The cure for the Immigration dilemma

For the last week or two I've listened to idea after idea for how we can fix the immigration issue. Some want to give green cards to everyone who is an illegal immigrant and is in the country now. Another idea is to erect a 700 mile long fence along the US-Mexican border. And there are others that blend a little of each idea to arrive at another. This is craziness.

My idea is simple; annex Mexico. Think about it. For the US, Mexico is a wealth of affordable labor. Jobs that no current US citizen wants to do could be filled legally and legitimately with independent migrant labor companies similar to our current temporary labor companies. These would be taxed at a rate consistent with current policies. Social Security needs an overhaul as it is so why not start fixing it with the addition of millions of citizens to our country. It gives US companies millions of new domestic customers as well as a completely new set of markets.

It could add an additional 5 states to our union, increasing the US land mass by a third and giving us the ability and opportunity for the discovery of new natural resources. It would double our coastline in the Gulf of Mexico and triple it in the pacific, adding thousands of miles of tropical beaches, beautiful vistas and desirable climates to our country and makes it available for tourist and housing developments bringing billions, maybe trillions of dollars into the US economy. The additional Pacific coastline will offer a release for the out of control California housing market by freeing up miles of vacant, prime real estate and slowly relieving some of the burden on the state.

For Mexico the US is a means to a better, more fulfilled life for it's citizens. It means a job that pays well relative to current opportunities and opens the door to entrepreneurship. It means they now have the financial clout the US currently has and allows them to play in the world economy at a level never before dreamed of.

They gain free reign to travel unimpeded throughout the US and freely return to there homes when they desire. Migratory employment becomes a means to a decent life without the threat of deportation, beatings from labor mules or death in the desert. They gain (over time) all the same standards of living US citizens sometimes take for granted like housing standards, water standards, non-corrupt police forces, the right to a jury trial, etc.

It's win-win for most and break even for the rest. President Fox can govern for the rest of his term and then take a seat in the US congress or become governor of one of the newly created states. The people who want the fence now win because the Guatemalan and Belize borders are only about 200 miles across and most of them don't want to come to the US anyway.

What else? How else can this work and what other benefits can you see? What's the negative side to it and how can we turn it into a positive? Lets get something together and if it's a legitimate idea we can send it to Washington and see what shakes out.



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