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Monday, March 13, 2006

What is the World Series of Video Gaming?

I've been asked this a few times now so it's time to let the cat out of the bag, somewhat.

Well I'm starting a new company that specializes in online, PC based video games. I have a few titles to start with like Battlefield 2, Call of Duty 2, Quake 4, Soldier of Fortune 2, FarCry, etc., but I'd really like your opinion on other titles that would work well in a tournament setting.

The gist of it is that it's like the World Series of Poker but for PC based online video games. There will be tournaments held every month that consist of 4 qualifying tournaments, 4 quarter final tournaments, 3 semi final tournaments and finally a championship round so that's 12 tournaments a year.

We will setup the servers based on the number of people that sign up for each game. Right now we are planning on 15 game titles (some of which are listed above) and plan on limiting each game title to 300 people max. This will let us focus on the quality of the gaming experience instead of worrying about how many people we are hosting. Each game will have a referee to monitor game play and a server technician for server issues.

Now the good part. We will pay back to the winners 50% of the total revenue for the venue! That means if we bring in $100,000 we will pay out $50,000 to the winners, or if we make $1,000,000 we will pay out $500,000 to the winners! The winners list and what is required to win each game type will be posted on the World Series of Video Gaming web site, We will be moving the site to the .com domain soon but don't worry, you will be redirected if you still use the .net domain.

Here's the price structure we have established:

Qualifying rounds $25 entry fee
quarter final rounds $50 entry fee
Semi final rounds $100 entry fee
Final round $300 entry fee

Just to be clear, this is not gambling! It is a sport that uses the skills, experiences, know how and expertise that each of you possess. Some (newbs) may think they are good, champions know they are! This will be your chance to prove yourself.

Now this is just a brief synopsis of what to expect and nothing says that things won't change. Actually I can guarantee you that they will, but only for the better. Come see us at and sign our guest book.

I look forward to your comments and any suggestions.


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