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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Karma sucks

So I just spent the last half hour typing a huge entry about karma and what happens when I spell check it? It all disappears. The whole thing. To whom ever I've wronged I apologize!!!

What my previous entry said was that as I was on my way to my fiance's (Emily)house, some 80 miles away from my house, and I was just driving along talking to her on the phone when out of no where a full size spare tire appears right in the middle of the left hand lane on the interstate. The car in front of me swerves and misses it and I have just enough time to swerve and hit it with my tires at 80 mph. When I do this it launches my truck (SUV) into the air on the right side what feels like 3 feet and sends me careening toward the median. The impact immediately punctures and deflates both tires on the right side. The flat tires have huge rolling resistance which sends me shooting back into traffic toward the right lane where a semi truck is waiting to crush me and the truck into a little box. Luckily I fight the wheel back to the left and get the thing stopped in the median.

So it's over now and I'm wondering just how bad everything is. I get out expecting there to be people stopped to see if every thing is all right, only to find that no one has stopped. NO one. Well that's not entirely true. I look down the highway about 100 yards and see this truck that's pulling a snowmobile trailer parked on the shoulder on the right side. He was watching me hit his spare trailer tire and when that was done he adjusted what was left loose on his trailer and left. He saw me looking at him, but still chose to leave. Where did the kindness and personal responsibility go in society?

So now I have the truck towed to a local tire dealer where they are telling me that it's a weird size tire and they don't have any in stock anywhere in the city. I have to either wait until Tuesday (it's Saturday) or drive 50 miles to get a set from another store. I HAVE NO VEHICLE RIGHT NOW, so how do I drive 50 miles to get the tires I need to get the vehicle working in order to get to the tires I need?

Like I said, to whom ever I wronged in the past, I sincerely apologize.


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