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Monday, March 27, 2006

Business Update

Sorry for the delay in posting but I've been busy with some things recently.

Here's a quick update on what we have going on. A tentative business launch date will be set for April and the first tournament will happen by the end of July, if all goes well. I have meetings this week with partners and a few lawyers to get a few more details sorted out so I'll have more on this next week.

There will be slots available for sign up on our website very soon so keep watching there for a new look and LOTS of information. Don't forget to tell your friends to sign up too. We still need some suggestions for games to play. I can't promise that we will host all of your recommendations because of some game logistics but we will do what we can.

The gaming industry is continually growing right now with nearly $1 billion in PC software sales alone last year which in my opinion was a light game release year. A couple of the top 10 games were EA Games' Battlefield 2, Activision's Call of Duty and a whole host of Sims. All this data can be found on NPD Group's website.

On a side note, I'd like to see some ideas for a logo for the World Series of Video Gaming. Send me your ideas or better yet an example and I'll pass them on to the others. If we like it I'll find something to reward with so start thinking.

Come on people, lets start some dialog about this subject. Have a blog of your own? Link to these posts. Have a favorite blog of your own, (other than this one, obviously!) comment on it and mention our blog and link to it. It's time to get this party started.



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