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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Big Companies Suck, And Baby Bush Too

Corporate policies are moronic sometimes. I've advanced my education to a point where it's validated to get promoted to a different position. In the past 3 months I've been asked to consider a new position within the company. Let me prefix this by saying that I've been trying to move into a new position since January 2005. I worked in corporate marketing in a new business development function for nearly the entirety of 2005, all the while being told that advancement was pending.

Anyway this is slightly off topic. My point is that of all the positions I've applied for INTERNALLY I've not heard one response from any hiring manager. That's 7 applications and no responses. Is this typical? I've talked to many other managers within the organization and they emphatically say that it's common policy to at least inform all the applicants of the status of their applications.

OK, enough of that mess, lets talk about something else now, George Bush. He was quoted in the Financial Times of London today as saying that the country of Iraq is not in a state of civil war. I say to Mr. Bush, open your eyes! Where else in the world is it common for countrymen to kill each other in guerilla warfare and have it not considered civil war? Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan, these were all considered civil wars but even though the same events are happening in Iraq how can Mr. Bush not admit that it's a civil war? Wake up and smell the small arms fire Mr. Bush, it's a war and it couldn't be more civil if all the Iraqi citizens were involved. Oh, I guess most of them are.

I read somewhere today, I think in Jeff Jarvis' blog, about journalist's asking democrats what they suggest we do in Iraq. I think this question goes well beyond just democrats and should be addressed to the entire population of the planet because it really does touch all of us in one way or another. I asked myself what I would suggest and honestly I can't think of an all encompassing answer. On one hand we can pull out and let the citizens deal with the mess the coalition forces made or we can stay and try to fix the problem. If we leave the country will be slammed into a deeply rooted sectarian civil war that could last for decades. On the other hand if we stay we will potentially divide the country into sectarian factions that will probably split the country apart. I really don't know what I would do at this point other than start talking to people that have influence in the region and try to get a plan together that satisfies most groups involved. What ideas to you have? Let all of us know.


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